Survey among the subscribers, attendees and non-attendees of Slovenian Permanent Theatre performances

Collaborative research project

Project holder: SLORI and the Slovene Permanent Theatre (SSG)
Principal investigator: Norina Bogatec
Co-investigator: Anja Škarabot
Project duration: 2020–2021

The purpose of the survey was to determine the popularity and experience of theatre arts among attendees and non-attendees of SSG theatre performances, the reasons for attending or not attending SSG and other theatre events, the level of satisfaction with the SSG theatre offerings and services over the past three seasons, and the operation of SSG in general. The survey was conducted on three groups of participants: subscribers, non-subscription attendees and non-attendees. The results of the survey were analysed and presented in a research report which was submitted to SSG management in early 2021.

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