The Institute’s research activities consist of basic and applied research in the field of social and human sciences. Research projects focus on the analysis of theoretical and empirical findings relating to ethnic concerns of the Slovene minority, various forms of coexistence in pluriethnic and plurilingual societies, as well as the development processes taking place in the geographical area in question.

SLORI’s main research topics are: the current status and future perspectives of the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy in terms of its fundamental social aspects (social and political bodies, the implementation of legal protection measures, education and training, knowledge and use of the Slovene language, feelings of national identity, demographic trends, the current economic situation and perspectives for the future, cultural and sport activities, social concerns, youth problems, etc.) with a special focus on instances of cultural and language contact between Slovenia and Italy; the challenges of cross-border cooperation and the development of a joint scientific area across Slovene-speaking regions.

Experts and scientists at both local and international level are regularly informed about the outcomes of the Institute’s research activities. Moreover, the Institute’s team regularly publishes and promotes its own publications and other material and disseminates the outcomes of research activities in specialised journals, at conferences and other dedicated events. Thus, the results of the Institute’s research activities can be found in publications issued in Italy, Slovenia and internationally in the fields of sociology, political science, ethnology, pedagogy, linguistics, literature, history, etc. Often the outcomes are also published in local daily newspapers and magazines, since the Institute aims to present its activities to key civil society figures in the Slovene ethnic minority.

The Institute contributes to social development by promoting a constant dialogue with various players on a social and political level by regularly organising scientific and promotional events, as well as events that see the participation of experts. The goal of these events is to foster intellectual debate on topical subjects, especially those relating to the current status and future perspectives of the Slovene ethnic minority, while considering the dynamic socioeconomic and geopolitical changes that are taking place in this region at the crossroads between Slovenia and Italy.

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