The SM(e)Jse Web Portal

Cooperative research project

Project promotion: SLORI and Dijaški dom S. Kosovela
Project supervision:  Dr Matejka Grgič
Project implementation period: 2017-

The SM(e)Jse web portal (the acronym SM(e)Jse stands for SLOVENŠČINA KOT MANJŠINSKI JEZIK i.e. Slovene as a minority language)

is a repository for existing and new material and information that allows its users to improve their linguistic skills and competency in the Slovene language.

The portal provides exposure to different varieties of the Slovene language (dialects, literary language, spoken language, jargon, slang, etc.) in a geographical area where the Slovene and the Italian language are in close contact. More precisely, the portal is designed for Slovene speakers living in Italy.

The goals of the portal are the following:

promote advanced communication skills in the Slovene language and balanced bilingualism; these can be achieved by developing additional language skills that would enable the speakers of Slovene as a minority language to use Slovene effectively, efficiently and confidently in any given situation, including situations in which they normally speak Italian or a mixture of Italian and Slovene;

foster a continued use of local language varieties (dialects, spoken language, etc.) within a Slovene continuum in a geographical area and an environment where such usage is acceptable and welcomed, while at the same time building up on the knowledge of other language varieties that are widely used in Slovenia, but are not as common within the Slovene ethnic community in Italy due to the specific status of Slovene as a minority language. These include an “official”, more formal language, as well as its more informal varieties, including spoken language, slang and jargon.

encourage a long-term active use of the Slovene language in the geographical areas of the Friuli Venezia Giulia region historically inhabited by the Slovene ethnic minority.

The web portal is aimed at various target groups and offers a variety of contents.

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