The Knowledge Bank

A programme coordinated by the Institute

Project promotion: the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI)
Programme implementation period: 2000 – ongoing

Since its founding, one of the main goals of the Slovene Research Institute has been to bring together scientists and experts belonging to the Slovene ethnic community in Italy. The programme entitled The Knowledge Bank aims to promote the intellectual development of experts belonging to the Slovene ethnic community and ensure their inclusion in the existing social system. For several years, the programme has been one of the Institute’s top priorities, although it is not based on traditional research methods. In fact, the programme consists of technical work on so-called research infrastructure. One of the programme’s main goals is to strengthen relations between key players in the scientific research sector in Slovenia and those belonging to the Slovene ethnic community in Italy, thus contributing to the creation of a joint scientific area across the Slovene-speaking region.

The activities conducted as part of the Knowledge Bank programme include:

– creating an inventory and keeping record of the scientists who belong to the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy, including scholars and researchers, PhD students working in different fields of expertise, as well as scientists operating in the geographical area inhabited by the Slovene ethnic minority in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and beyond (in other Italian regions, in Slovenia and in other countries). Mapping a scattered and not yet thoroughly researched group is a necessary step to promote the development of the community’s intellectual potential;

– analysing the scientific potential of the Slovene-speaking population living in Italy by conducting periodical surveys among scholars, researchers and PhD students who are part of this ethnic minority. The surveys aim to collect information on the composition and characteristics of this group, analyse the respondents’ attitudes towards the Slovene language and the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy, verify to what extent they are actively involved in the joint Slovene scientific area and collect suggestions on possible networking and cooperation plans;

– collecting contents that were published in the mass media (articles, interviews, etc.) regarding young professionals who belong to the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy and who study or work abroad;

– seeking to regularly involve researchers, experts and PhD students who belong to the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy in the Institute’s research projects and scientific debates;

– publishing a research section in the Sunday edition of the Primorski dnevnik daily newspaper to promote research work by introducing individual researchers to a wider readership as well as fostering closer cooperation between individuals with scientific or technical know-how and other members of the Slovene ethnic community in Italy.

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