Educational and training activities

We offer training programmes, courses, workshops and lectures aimed at consolidating knowledge, skills and competencies in the Slovene language among its users, particularly among individuals whose job and/or role in society requires them to promote the use of the Slovene language among other users.

Our educational and training activities are primarily aimed at the following target groups:

  • educators and teachers in Slovene-language kindergartens and schools in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and in the Slovene-Italian bilingual school district in San Pietro al Natisone;
  • elected representatives, members of administrative bodies and public administration employees who are Slovene speakers;
  • members of administrative bodies in Slovene political, cultural, sport, social and youth institutions, organisations and associations;
  • journalists and editors.

We also provide material, tools and adequate technology solutions for online language training that considers the specific needs of each of the above-mentioned target groups.

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