Activities for secondary school and university students

SLORI also gives high priority to promoting research among the younger generation. Thus, the Institute:

  • provides professional help and mentoring to students in writing their bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral theses;
  • offers co-financing for postgraduate education;
  • provides professional and financial support for the publication of doctoral dissertations;
  • offers students the opportunity to complete their academic and professional practice at the Institute.

Since 1997, it has also published an annual competition for master’s theses and doctoral dissertations, awarding prizes to work which represents an important and original contribution to knowledge about the multi-faceted reality of Slovenes in Italy. To date, SLORI has awarded more than 70 young researchers. The competition is open to candidates who have successfully completed their master’s or doctoral theses at any university in Italy, Slovenia or abroad and deal with the topic of the Slovene national minority in Italy, its social structure, its role within its settlement and social space, its development processes related to the economic, legal and educational spheres, interethnic relations, identity and language practices, and intercultural communication. Although the submitted works may also deal with other minority studies or other ethnic minorities, they must include a comparison with the Slovene community in Italy or have a certain degree of relevance for the understanding of the Slovene reality in Italy.

Seven candidates participated in the competition for the 2019/2020 academic year, for five master’s theses and two doctoral dissertations. Following the revision of all submitted theses, the scientific advisory board of the Institute selected two winners: Nastja Slavec, MSc, received a monetary prize of 250 euros for her master’s thesis, and Dr Janoš Ježovnik received an award of 500 euros for his doctoral dissertation. The award ceremony took place during the general assembly of the Institute on Friday, 11 September 2020, at the Lojze Bratuž Cultural Centre in Gorizia.

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