Conferenza Education, language and the human rights of minorities

6 e 7/5/2019, Parlamento Europeo, Bruxelles, Belgio.

Altri informazioni:

This conference, organised by the UN Special Rapporteur on minority issues and the Tom Lantos Institute, in partnership with ELEN, will provide regional insights for the development of a set of guidelines and recommendations focusing on education in, and teaching of, minority languages. Discussions at the conferences will also inform the recommendations of the 12th session of the UN Forum in 2019.

The rights of linguistic minorities are human rights that must be respected, including in relation to the appropriate degree of use of minority languages. Education deals with what is perhaps the central linguistic right of minorities, and is also fundamental to the maintenance of linguistic diversity. A language that is not taught is a language that will ultimately vanish. The benefits of education in the mother language are now fairly well established scientifically through studies of minority children in different parts of the world.

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