Trasporti possibili: per un’autonoma scelta di mobilità

Marianna Kosic

The demand for transport services (privileged witnesses). V Molinari, P., Beccali, C. Bianchi, L., Kosic, M., Zenarolla A. (April 2012), Triennial Project Possible transport: for an independent mobility choice Regional Law 41/96 – Cognitive survey – Demand and offer of transport for disabled people, Province of Trieste, Chapter 3, pages 36-58.

This research report presents the results of the survey commissioned to three research institutes (IRES – Istituto di ricerche economiche e sociali del Friuli Venezia Giulia Impresa Sociale; Jacques Maritain Institute; SLORI – Slovene Research Institute) of the Province of Trieste within the Project Possible transport: for an independent mobility choice, dedicated to disabled people and financially supported by Region FVG in accordance with the Regional Law 41/96. The Project is contemplated within the Regional Services Plan 2012-2014 and is performed in collaboration with the Regional Transport Committee. The general objective is to contribute to increase disabled people’s autonomy, offering them the possibility to organize their own mobility.

Report in PDF.

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