Poklicno izobraževanje v Euradriji / La formazione professionale in Euradria

Zaira Vidau

Poklicno izobraževanje v Euradriji (Professional Training in the Euradria Region). [S. l.]: C.S.I. Nord Est [i. e.] Consiglio sindacale interregionale Friuli-Venezia Giulia / Slovenia: = Interregional syndicalist council Friuli Venezia Giulia / Slovenia; [Trieste]: SLORI, 2012. Pages 29, 39.

The cross-border area between Slovenia and Italy, called also Euradria, includes the statistical regions Goriška, Notranjsko-kraška and Obalno-kraška in Slovenia and the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy. In the last years, the processes of European integration allowed to overcome physical boundaries and to affirm the principle of free movement of people and goods. This brought to a significant increase of cross-border mobility for residential, work, study and spare time reasons in the whole area considered. Mobility is an issue also in the field of professional training, as there are chances for a cross-border educational programme that would allow people to enter the labour markets of both the country of origin and the neighbouring one. This is why we are presenting a brief analysis of the educational systems in Italy (with particular focus on Region FVG) and in Slovenia, as well as of the ways for entering these systems in both countries and of the procedures for the recognition of all-level diplomas, professional qualifications and educational credits. The report also contains brief presentations of the labour markets of the two countries. The final comparative evaluation offers the chance to reflect on the possibility of establishing a cross-border educational programme in Euradria.

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