Nekoč je obstajal Boliunz / C’era una volta Boliunz

Silvester Metlika, Stojan Glavina
Srenja Boljunec, SLORI, 2018

The book entitled Once upon a time there was Boliunz: memories of old toponyms in the cadastral municipality of Boljunec is a collection of old toponyms that are no longer used and have therefore been consigned to oblivion. Authors Silvester Metlika and Stojan Glavina both come from the village of Boljunec. Although neither of them is a professional researcher, they have been studying local toponyms for many years.

Toponyms can be considered a link with the past, as each toponym brings back to life traditions and costumes from the past that would otherwise be forgotten. In this in-depth research work, new discoveries have been made and new data gathered on everyday life in the first half of the 19th century. This bilingual publication contains a map with old toponyms and valuable visual material from the past which often remained “hidden” in family collections and archives.

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