Identitete opredelitve mladih v slovenskem zamejstvu

Milan Obid (editor)
INV, SZI, SNIUJ, SLORI, Celovec, Ljubljana, 2018

The publication entitled Mladi v slovenskem zamejstvu: družbeni in kulturni konteksti ter sodobni izzivi (eng. Young Slovenes across the border: the social and cultural contexts and contemporary challenges) is based on a research project with the same title, which was carried out between 2013 and 2016 by researchers from four institutes: the Institute for Ethic Studies (INV) in Ljubljana, the Slovene Scientific Institute (SZI) in Klagenfurt, The Urban Jarnik Slovene Ethnographic Institute (SNIUJ) in Klagenfurt and the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI) in Trieste. The volume subtitled  Identitete opredelitve mladih v slovenskem zamejstvu (eng. Constructions of identity of young Slovenes across the border) is the second of four publications. While the first volume focuses on the general situation of the youth, this monograph adopts a comparative approach to the constructions of identity of young people in all four countries in which a Slovene minority is present. The monograph is divided in three parts: a theoretical and methodological introduction to the topic, a core empirical section and a comparative conclusive section. The four main chapters are divided by geographical area, each chapter dealing with the Slovene youth in a different country: Italy, Austria, Hungary and Croatia. The editor Milan Obid wrote the introduction and the conclusion, while the chapter dedicated to the Slovene youth living in Italy was written by Zaira Vidau.

The monograph elaborates on the differences in identity constructions amongst young Slovene people living in neighbouring countries, their attitudes towards Slovenia and the Slovene language and the importance of preserving the ethnic and/or linguistic identity of young people in various countries.

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