Živa slovenščina / live slovenian

Project financed within the initiatives of particular relevance, aimed at valorizing the historical and cultural heritage of the Slovenian minority (L.R. 26/2007, art. 18, c. 2, lettera d)

Project promoter: Slovenski izobraževalni konzorcij (Slov.I.K.)
Partners: SLORI, Licej F. Prešeren v Trstu, Licej P. Trubar v Gorici
Manager of the project: dr. Matejka Grgič
Responsible for SLORI: dr. Maja Mezgec
Project implementation period: 2016

The project was dedicated to the development of communication abilities in Slovenian language in different everyday environments and the target group was represented by students of secondary schools with Slovenian as the teaching language of Trieste and Gorizia. It comprised the elaboration of didactic aids and the implementation of linguistic laboratories for children. The aims were: dissemination of the knowledge of Slovenian language in terms of developing knowledge of several colloquial variants, as to not limit language to standard literary Slovenian and to dialects; limiting the gap between standard Slovenian in use for common communication purposes in Friuli Venezia Giulia and the one used in central Slovenia; preparation of adequate didactic aids.

The project terminated successfully in 2016. About 100 students of first grade secondary schools with Slovenian as the teaching language from Trieste and Gorizia have taken part in the laboratories. The created didactic aids are available both for students and teachers on paper and via web.

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