Useful Slovene training programme

ZSŠDI – SLORI language workshops for local councillors and trainers

Project holder: Union of Slovene Sports Associations in Italy – ZSŠDI
Service provider: SLORI (Jezik)
Principal investigator: Dr Matejka Grgič
Lecturers: Gregor Geč, Matejka Grgič, Andreja Kalc, Mihaela Knez, Dafne Marko, Maja Melinc Mlekuž, Sladjana Jović Mićković, Damjan Popič in Franci Vavpotič
Implementation period: 2020-2021

The programme was aimed at employees and associates in the sports sector, which is an area of strategic importance also from the point of view of language policy due to the large number of sports enthusiasts. The workshops started in early autumn. Based on a preliminary needs assessment, the organisers decided to hold them in two separate sets: the first was intended for board members of Slovene sports associations in Italy, and the second for coaches and trainers. During the training, participants were able to brush up on the basics of Slovene grammar and spelling, as well as the composition of short texts, and learned the secrets of effective public speaking. Trainers also gained some skills in the field of Slovene didactics which they can use during their training sessions. The organisers formed a group of experienced and motivated lecturers. The joint training programme is a new step on the path of the established cooperation between ZSŠDI and SLORI, which has been successful in other areas as well.

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