The Slovenian theatre in Trieste: from amateurism to the aware formation of an own expression

Research project in collaboration with the Slovenian theatre (SSG) of Trieste and the Slovenian theatre museum (Slovenski gledališki muzej) of Ljubljana

Project manager: dr. Bogomila Kravos
Project implementation period: 2013-2016

The research project studied the development of theatre life among Slovenians of Trieste from the mid-nineteenth century to today and will present the influence of art movements on the self-awareness and general growth of the Slovenians of Trieste. At the end of the 20th century, the economic and cultural solidity of the Slovenians of Trieste were so intertwined to produce, in the theatre field, a specifically Triestinian discourse, i.e. that particular expression that all Triestinian cultural elements (from Svevo onwards) pursue. The uninterrupted theatre activity demonstrates the vitality of the Slovenian national community, which, despite the intimidatory processes, does not renounce to its essence – culture, which reaffirms it as a subject.

The realization of the project comprised the following steps:

1. an overview of all available sources and archives (public and private) until 1927;

2. the reconstruction of the not researched period 1920–1927 and of the partly researched period of illegal activity in the 30’s in Trieste;

3. an overview of the activity in the post-war period 1945–2000;

4. the preparation and publication of a book in Italian (in December 2015, when the Slovenian theatre in Trieste will celebrate the 110th anniversary of its activity in its own building).

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