PoMATURI – A research on the studies and employment of high-school graduates from Slovene-language schools in Italy

Cooperative research project

Project promotion: the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI) and the headmasters of Slovene-language high schools in Trieste and Gorizia
Project management: Norina Bogatec
Project implementation periodannual monitoring since 2017/2018 school year

This research project aims to establish a systematic data collection process on the studies and the work experience of high school students who graduated from Slovene-language schools in Italy and carry out a statistical analysis of their prospects in two different moments in time: one year and five years after graduation.

Data will be collected in a survey. A form of consent will be handed out to all graduating students before the end of the school year so as to obtain their consent to contact them and include them in the survey.

This project is carried out by a working group composed of high school teachers from Trieste and Gorizia, led by researcher Norina Bogatec.

The first survey was carried out in spring 2019 (Report in slovenian language). The second in spring 2020 (Report in slovenian language).

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