Slovene in Primary Schools – Lesson Planning and Didactic Strategies

Training programme

Project holder: SLORI
Principal investigator: Dr Maja Melinc Mlekuž.
Lecturers: Matejka Grgič (SLORI), Barbara Baloh (UP PEF), Silva Bratož (UP PEF), Anja Pirih (UP PEF)
Project implementation period: 2020–2021

The training programme was selected through a call for the accreditation of training programmes intended for teachers of schools with Slovene as the language of instruction. The accreditation process was conducted by the Office for Slovene Schools at the Regional Education Office. The objectives of the programme are: to provide teachers with support in planning the implementation of the teaching process in teaching Slovene in primary schools, to prepare syllabi for teaching Slovene in primary schools in line with the learners’ cognitive abilities, to clearly define the minimum learning standards and expected results as the starting points for the planning of didactic activities.

Through seven online meetings (20 hours) held from 6 November to 17 December 2020, a group of 22 teachers defined the operational goals and topics of Slovene language teaching in all primary school classes, set the minimum standards of knowledge (and ways to raise them), and discussed the didactic tools, methods and forms of work. A part of the training programme was also devoted to didactic recommendations in terms of support strategies in language learning and content and language integrated learning (CLIL).

The final lecture is planned for 2021, and a curriculum for Slovene in primary schools is being prepared in line with the guidelines of the lower secondary school curriculum which a group of teachers had prepared at the 2019/20 training session.

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