Research on the youth in the municipalities of Dolina and Muggia

Commissioned research

Project promoter: Social welfare district 1.3. of the Municipalities of Dolina and Muggia
Project performer: Slori-Slovenski raziskovalni inštitut, Maja Mezgec
Collaborator: Mateja Crismancich
Project implementation period: 2013

Within the research, in-depth interviews will be carried out with 12 young inhabitants of the considered area about certain topics that are relevant for the planning and development of activities of the Social welfare district within Zone plans. With the research, the lifestyle of the young from this area will be studied, as well as their specific problems in a period of economic crisis, their level of participation to the public life of local communities and several other interesting aspects. The results of the research will be published in a bilingual report and presented to the public.

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