Reading and music – Musical activities and reading habits of pupils in Slovene-language schools in the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia and in the bilingual school district in San Pietro al Natisone in the school year 2016/17

A collaboration project

Project promoter: Glasbena matica, Narodna in študijska knjižnica, Primorski dnevnik, SLORI
Manager of the projectNorina Bogatec
Project implementation period: 2017

This questionnaire-based research falls within the scope of periodic verifications SLORI implements with regard to the characteristics, habits, necessities and interests of the schooling population of schools with Slovenian as the teaching language, on which SLORI has now been focusing from a research point of view for several years, analyzing them within its institutional activity. The objective of such activity is to point out typical phenomena, trends and changes that take place over time.

In the school year 2016/17, SLORI implemented a questionnaire-based analysis on the schooling population of all schools with Slovenian as the teaching language in the provinces of Trieste and Gorizia and of the bilingual school district in San Pietro al Natisone. This was carried out in collaboration with 3 important organizations of the Slovenian national community in Italy which operate in the fields of music, reading and mass media. These three organizations – GM, NŠK and D.Z.P.-PR.A.E. – wanted to get a better insight into the habits, necessities and interests of the Slovenian schooling population. The data obtained was used in the most sensitive and efficient possible manners to plan their institutional activities, with a particular focus on the target population – the young generation. The research approach was quantitative.

The survey involved 2,396 respondents (out of a total of 2,641), i.e. 91% of all the pupils and students attending middle school and high-school, as well as the third, fourth and fifth grade of primary school. A total of 220 classes were involved.

The collected data was analysed in three separate reports, which all share the introduction and the first two chapters relating to the characteristics of the survey group. Research results were presented to the governing bodies and staff of the institutions involved and were also published in the Slovene-language daily newspaper Primorski dnevnik on 6 and 20 May and 3 June 2018.

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