Publication about Slovenians in Italy

Research project promoted by Slori

Project promoter: SLORI
Project performer: SLORI
Responsible: Norina Bogatec and dr. Zaira Vidau
Project implementation period: 2011-2017

This new publication about Slovenians in Italy will analyse the development dynamics of the Slovenian ethnic community in Italy since the fall of the Berlin wall and the independence of Slovenia to date. The most radical changes that arose in this period in all sectors of the social life of this community will be highlighted. The publication, which will be prepared in three languages and three different editions, is dedicated to the wider public; it will be published according to market trends. For this purpose, an editorial board was established, composed of researchers from Slori, the Ethnic Studies Institute (INV), the University of Primorska and the University of Udine, along with experts of the editorial sector. The editorial board includes also some representatives of other ethnic and linguistic minorities and a representative of the Italian majority population. The publication will contain scientific papers of different authors. The Italian edition will be published by Carocci from Rome, while the Slovenian one by Založništvo tržaškega tiska ZTT from Trieste.

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