Professional support for the organisation of the Third Regional Conference on the Protection of the Slovene Language Minority and preparation of conference proceedings

Project financed from special funds

Contracting authority: Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Council
Contractor: SLORI
Person responsible: Dr Devan Jagodic
Participants: Adriana Janežič, Dr Maja Mezgec, Dr Matejka Grgič, Dr Zaira Vidau, Dr Sara Brezigar, Paolo Slamič
Project implementation period: 2019–2021

The FVG Regional Council has entrusted SLORI with the important task of preparing expert opinions for the third implementation of the Regional Conference for the Protection of the Slovene Language Minority, which is expected to take place in November 2021. As in the first and second implementation of the conference in 2012 and 2017, SLORI will again present its research findings in the form of thematic papers selected by the conference organising committee at its first meeting in December 2019. The conference will address the following topics: 1) Evaluation of the implementation of the protection provisions laid down by the Regional Protection Law No. 26/2007: results achieved, problems and shortcomings (person responsible: Adriana Janežič); 2) Review of the implementation of measures for the protection of the Resian language and language varieties of Valli del Natisone, Valli del Torre and Val Canale, with a focus on the learning of Slovene in kindergartens and schools of Val Canale (person responsible: Dr Maja Mezgec); 3) Central Office for the Slovene Language and the network of public services in the Slovene language: results achieved, evaluation of the current situation, future work plan (persons responsible: Dr Matejka Grgič, Andreja Kalc, MSc); 4) Evaluation of the degree of implementation of the protection provisions under Article 10 of Law No. 38/2001 on Visual Bilingualism (Dr Zaira Vidau); 5) Regional language policy for the preservation, dissemination and development of Slovene in FVG (Dr Sara Brezigar, Dr Devan Jagodic, Dr Matejka Grgič). SLORI will again arrange for the editing and publication of the bilingual conference proceedings, collect all reports, contributions and papers, and arrange for their translation and editing.

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