Preparing the contents of the informative publication on Slovenes in Italy

Commissioned editorial and research project

Project commissioned by: the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union (SKGZ) and the Confederation of Slovene Organisations (SSO)
Project fulfilment: the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI). Project management: Dr Devan Jagodic Collaborators: Dr Maja Mezgec, Jaruška Majovski
Project implementation period: 2017–2018

The two umbrella organisations for Slovenes living in Italy – the Slovenian Cultural and Economic Union (SKGZ) and the Confederation of Slovene Organisations (SSO) – commissioned SLORI to prepare the contents of the new informative publication on the Slovenes living in Italy. This trilingual publication entitled Mi, Slovenci v Italiji = Noi, sloveni in Italia = We, the Slovenes in Italy, was published in February 2019. It is a reviewed and updated supplement to the publication Neighbours … friends worth knowing: Italians, Slovenes and Friulians present themselves (2013 – SLORI, Società Filologica Friulana, Unione Italiana – Trieste, Udine, Koper). The book was published as part of the project EDUKA – Educating to diversity, which was co-financed by the European Regional Development Fund and by national funding in the framework of the Programme for Cross-border Cooperation Slovenia-Italy 2007-2013. This new edition is divided into different thematic areas which cover the main areas of social participation and the activities carried out by the Slovene ethnic community in Italy. The contents include: basic information on Slovene people living in Italy and on their long-standing presence in the region, the current linguistic situation, minority protection provisions in place, bilingualism in public places, education, institutions, organisations, associations and the media.

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