Pilot study on the choice of cross-border education programmes in the Slovene-Italian border area

Research project directed by the Institute

Project holder: SLORI
Principal investigator: Dr Maja Mezgec
Project duration: 2020/2021

The main objective of the pilot study is to investigate the dynamics influencing the decision to opt for cross-border education programmes. The border between Italy and Slovenia is becoming increasingly permeable. When using services and purchasing goods, border-area residents operate on the so-called “cross-border market”. In the field of education, more and more families seem to explore the possibilities and offers from across the border. These trends are visible both in the so-called extracurricular offer (learning foreign languages, music school, etc.), and in the individual choices of the school programme. This research project aims to identify and explore the key factors which lead individuals or parents of preschool and primary school children to choose schooling on the other side of the border. Data collection was conducted through semi-structured interviews with respondents from Trieste who had enrolled or transferred their child to a kindergarten/school in Slovenia. The results of the research have been presented in the final report of the project and will also be published in a scientific journal.

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