International scientific conference Languages in contact – New challenges for planning and policies

Organising the conference and preparing a scientific paper

Project promotion: the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI) and The Open World Research Initiative (OWRI)
Project management: Dr Katia Pizzi (OWRI)
Supervision at SLORI: Dr Matejka Grgič
Project implementation period: 2017-2018

In January 2018, SLORI and OWRI organised a one-day international conference entitled Languages in contact – New challenges for planning and policies. The conference was held in a symbolic venuethe Trgovski dom in the town of Goriziaand saw the participation of local and guest speakers. This important international event marked the beginning of a collaboration between SLORI and the UK university consortium Cross-Language Dynamics, while at the same time strengthening the existing collaboration among SLORI and the two university institutes in the Gorizia area: the University of Udine and the University of Nova Gorica. Dr Matejka Grgič, researcher at SLORI, is the author of one of the five papers presented at the conference. The paper is entitled Terminology in contact: how translation shapes the linguistic landscape and focuses on linguistic contact in the public administration of the Italian region inhabited by the Slovene ethnic minority. This Italian-Slovene linguistic contact is studied by analysing the terminology used in the public administration, since terminology (especially terminology related to the public administration, law and political participation of ethnic minorities) can have a considerable impact on the linguistic landscape and, consequently, on the perception of a minority language.

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