Including content relating to the Slovene communities living in neighbouring countries in the school syllabus in the Republic of Slovenia

A targeted research project funded by the Slovenian Research Agency (ARRS)

Project promotion: the Science and Research Centre (SRC) in Koper, Slovenia
Partners: the Institute for Ethnic Studies (INV), the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI)
Project management at the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI): Dr Maja Mezgec
Project implementation period: 2018–2019

This targeted research project aims to analyse how the Slovene-language communities in Italy, Croatia and Hungary are regarded in Slovenia. This will be achieved by analysing the prescribed contents of school curricula in primary schools, middle schools and high schools with Slovene, Italian or Hungarian as a teaching language. On the basis of the research results, proposals will be drawn up to introduce changes and make additions to primary school, middle school and high school curricula. The main goal of this research is to draft a final proposal, which would contain a list of all the proposed changes and additions to the school curricula. Nevertheless, survey sample data, which include data on school children and the general public alike, will provide us with additional information on the respondents’ level of knowledge of the Slovene communities in the neighbouring countries and their viewpoints on the common Slovene-language area. In order to implement the proposals, project partners (the Science and Research Centre of Koper, Slovenia; the Institute for Ethnic Studies of Ljubljana, Slovenia; the Slovene Research Institute of Trieste, Italy) will work in close cooperation with the Republic of Slovenia Government Office for Slovenians abroad, the National Education Institute of Slovenia and the Slovenian Ministry of Education, Science and Sport, as well as with Slovene cultural associations and organisations in neighbouring countries.

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