Elaboration of a principal language plan for the Glasbena Matica music society

Expert counselling and elaboration of a development strategy

Contracting authority: Glasbena Matica
Contractor: SLORI
Participants: Dr Sara Brezigar, Dr Devan Jagodic, Dr Matejka Grgič
Project implementation period: 2019–2023

The Principal Language Plan is a short, clear and transparent document which defines the specific objectives, actions and expected results of the Glasbena Matica music society (GM) in the field of language planning. Within the framework of the cooperation agreement with GM and on the basis of three meetings with its management and employees, the SLORI Slovene language working group conducted an in-depth examination of the organisation’s initial state, its main needs, critical issues and good practices related to the use, knowledge and promotion of the Slovene language. Based on the information obtained, the working group prepared the first draft of the Principal Language Plan, on the basis of which the management of GM established the basic standards for an effective and efficient language policy of the organisation. The Principal Language Plan defines the areas of language planning, identifies the development needs of the organisation and determines the priority objectives together with appropriate activities for their implementation and their intended impact.

In 2023, the PLP was further refined and updated at the request of the commissioner. During a meeting, the necessary steps for the implementation of the PLP were identified, for which the developer will still need the expertise of the SLORI language group.

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