Contemporary Slovenian literature in Benecia and Resia – between affirming one’s identity and searching new approaches.

Research project of the Institute

Project manager: dr. David Bandelj
Project implementation period: 2014-2016

The project aims at valorizing contemporary Slovenian literary creation in Benecia and Resia, in particular when considering that nowadays it stretches between tradition and modernity.

The researches carried out till now on the Slovenian literary production in Benecia and Resia mainly stopped at a historical overview of active writers, at a chronological overview of the birth of literary works and at the general definition according to which this literature was considered as a dialect literature or as of “lesser importance”. Only recently, when the researches included also newer methods and presented this literature through the intercultural studies or social movements prism, researchers became persuaded that this geographical region has, even in the literary field (along with the linguistic one), many original features that could undoubtedly enrich the knowledge about the common Slovenian cultural space.

This research touches the fields of intercultural studies and sociology, along with literature obviously, particularly in the sense of researching literary polysystems, as it requires knowledge of the territory, of its social and cultural tendencies and contact with people operating in it. The project is carried out in collaboration with the University of Udine and major cultural organizations operating in the mentioned geographical and cultural environment.

The project comprises four main phases: data (literary works) gathering, their systematic analysis and the preparation of a monographic publication. As a result of the research we expect a new vision on literary production of Slovenians in Benecia and Resia which could, considering the challenges of current times, become a model of intercultural literary practice, which does not involve renouncing to or neglecting one’s own identity. A more tangible result will be a scientific conference and a monographic publication.

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