A survey among the readers and non-readers of the Primorski dnevnik Slovene-language daily newspaper

Research project – survey

Project commissioned by: DZP/PRAE
Project fulfillment: SWG in cooperation with the Slovene Research Institute (SLORI)
Project consultant: Norina Bogatec
Project implementation period: December 2017–January 2018

This research aims to identify the factors that could make this daily newspaper more appealing. Online, telephone and face-to-face surveys were carried out so as to gather the readership’s opinions on the newspaper’s layout, its contents and user-friendliness and compare them with the perceptions of non-readers. The survey group was composed of subscribers, readers and non-readers of the Primorski dnevnik (600 subjects in total).

The results of the survey can be found at DZP/PRAE.

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