We offer proofreading services free of charge for short documents written in Slovene (invitations, press releases, notices, posters, flyers and other types of documents for public use) to improve the quality of written contents for public use. The texts in question must not exceed 2,250 characters, including spaces. Each client is entitled to free-of-charge proofreading services twice a month. The proofread text with track changes shall be returned to the client no later than two working days from receipt of the file.

The goals of our free-of-charge proofreading service are the following:

  • provide support to Slovene political, cultural, sport, social and youth institutions, organisations and associations in fulfilling their institutional duties;
  • provide support to non-Slovene institutions, organisations and associations that use Slovene for institutional purposes;
  • provide support to Slovene-language kindergartens and schools in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region as well as to the bilingual Slovene-Italian school district in San Pietro al Natisone;
  • provide support to the public administration and concessionaires who are responsible for the implementation of legal protection measures for the Slovene language;
  • provide support to businesses and organisations that operate in Slovene.

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