Promotion of the Slovene language among its speakers

The working group is responsible for:

  • managing, regularly updating and upgrading the SM(e)Jse web portal (the acronym SM(e)Jse stands for SLOVENŠČINA KOT MANJŠINSKI JEZIK i.e. Slovene as a minority language). This web portal, created in collaboration with Slovenski dijaški dom Srečko Kosovel, is a repository for existing and new material and information that allows its users to improve their skills and competencies in the Slovene language;
  • developing new technologies, tools and (online) instruments that will help users improve their competencies and skills in the Slovene language (such activities require adequate funding);
  • organising lectures and workshops on language tools, materials and technologies aimed at different target groups of Slovene speakers (schoolchildren, high-school and university students, teachers, coaches, journalists, public administration employees and individuals working in Slovene institutions, organisations and associations);
  • regularly publishing language-related contents in the Slovene-language media in Italy.

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