Preparation of teaching material

The working group will be entrusted with the preparation of new teaching material (textbooks, manuals, teaching contents, exercises, etc.) that will help pupils and students develop and consolidate their knowledge, skills and competencies in the Slovene language. The teaching material will be prepared considering the specific needs of schoolchildren and students of Slovene-language schools in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region and the bilingual Slovene-Italian school district in San Pietro al Natisone. Since these school are attended by a vast number of pupils and students from Italian speaking families, their knowledge of the Slovene language is very unbalanced.

The working group’s goals are the following:

  • preparing and promoting language games for preschool children;
  • preparing and promoting teaching material for Slovene language teachers in primary schools, middle schools and high-schools;
  • preparing and promoting teaching material for adults;
  • collecting, assessing and promoting existing teaching material.

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