General information

The Slovene Research Institute (SLORI) is a Slovene institution in Italy that has been conducting scientific research since 1974.

The Institute aims to research and monitor the state of affairs and the changes occurring within the Slovene ethnic community in Italy in relation to ethnic concerns and a variety of social and developmental matters. Thus, the Institute’s research activity focuses primarily on social, historic, legal, ethnic and linguistic matters relating to the Slovene ethnic minority as well as on the role of the Slovene community in an Italian, cross-border and European environment.

The Institute’s research approach draws from theoretical and methodological instruments available in social and human sciences, thus contributing to a deeper understanding of the issues addressed. At the same time, the Institute offers applied know-how aimed at providing adequate solutions to the various problems encountered.

The Institute’s main goals and activities include:

a) promoting and carrying out research activities, both independently and in collaboration with other scientific research institutions. The Institute also conducts research projects commissioned by public administration bodies and other clients;

b) publishing and promoting its own publications and other popular-scientific material as well as disseminating the outcomes of research activities in specialised journals, on conferences and other dedicated events at both local and international level;

c) organising seminars, scientific events and industry conferences on topics relating to the Slovene ethnic minority in Italy as well as to social integration matters by and large;

d) collecting and archiving bibliographic material, documents and research material so as to make it readily available to its members, institutions and other users;

e) bringing together and offering guidance to researchers and intellectuals within the Slovene ethnic community in Italy with the aim of developing a joint Slovene scientific area across Slovene-speaking regions;

f) raising awareness on the longstanding presence of the Slovene ethnic community in Italy and on its current situation by organising conferences, training activities and workshops for schoolchildren, university students, teachers and other target groups;

g) organising educational and promotional activities and offering services to foster and promote the use of the Slovene language in Italy;

h) cooperating and stipulating agreements with universities and scientific research institutions that operate in similar fields as well as with other public and private institutions for the purpose of conducting research and development activities;

i) organising competitions and awarding scholarships and prizes for research papers and undergraduate or postgraduate courses as well as offering and promoting a variety of study opportunities specifically for the younger generation belonging to the Slovene ethnic community in Italy.

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