In the last few years the Institute has been offering a wide range of lectures, workshops, courses and other kinds of training and awareness-raising activities aimed at various target groups.

The main goals of the Institute’s training and information activities are as follows:

a) informing pupils and students on the development of the Slovene ethnic community in Italy throughout history and on its current status in a broader context regional, cross-border and European. Due to increasing demand for such activities, the lectures and workshops organised by the Institute are also open to other target groups (young people and adults who are actively involved in Slovene institutions, public service employees, professionals in the cultural sector from Italy and Slovenia, journalists, tourists, etc.);

b) informing non-Slovene parents of pupils and students attending Slovene-language schools in the Trieste and Gorizia areas, as well as the bilingual school district in San Pietro al Natisone about the advantages and challenges of bilingual education along with the benefits of learning Slovene as a second/a foreign language. Parents who participate in informative workshops learn about the opportunities that learning Slovene and a bilingual education bring. Moreover, they are given useful advice on how they can help their children;

c) consolidating knowledge, skills and competencies in the Slovene language among its users, particularly among individuals whose job and/or role in society requires them to promote the use of the Slovene language among other users (educators and teachers in Slovene-language kindergartens and schools, public administration employees, employees in public institutions, journalists and editors).

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