Finished projects

Survey among the subscribers, attendees and non-attendees of Slovenian Permanent Theatre performances

Collaborative research project Project holder: SLORI and the Slovene Permanent Theatre (SSG)Principal investigator: Norina Bogatec Co-investigator: Anja ŠkarabotProject duration: 2020–2021 The purpose of the survey was to determine the popularity and experience of theatre arts among attendees and non-attendees of SSG theatre performances, the reasons for attending or not attending SSG and other theatre events, […]


Language support for the Primorski dnevnik newspaper

Language support Contracting authority: DZP/PRAEService provider: SLORI Principal investigator: Andreja Kalc, MSc Co-investigators: Dr Matejka Grgič, Dr Damjan Popič, Dr Maja Melinc Mlekuž Second phase of services implementation: 2020 The language support services involve professional support for improving Slovene language proficiency at the central newspaper of the Slovene national community in Italy as a mediator […]


Professional support for the organisation of the Third Regional Conference on the Protection of the Slovene Language Minority and preparation of conference proceedings

Project financed from special funds Contracting authority: Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional CouncilContractor: SLORI Person responsible: Dr Devan Jagodic Participants: Adriana Janežič, Dr Maja Mezgec, Dr Matejka Grgič, Dr Zaira Vidau, Dr Sara Brezigar, Paolo Slamič Project implementation period: 2019–2021 The FVG Regional Council has entrusted SLORI with the important task of preparing expert opinions for […]


Survey on Slovene sports in Italy, 2020

Collaborative research project Project holder: Union of Slovene Sports Associations in Italy (ZSŠDI)Methodological advice: SLORI Responsible for SLORI: Norina Bogatec Project duration: 2020–2021 The Union of Slovene Sports Associations in Italy (ZSŠDI) conducted its7th survey on Slovene sports in Italy in close cooperation with SLORI in order to provide a more scientific underpinning to the […]


Distance Learning Survey

Collaborative research project Project holder: Regional Commission for Slovene Schools, SLORIPrincipal investigator: Norina Bogatec Co-investigator: Dr Maja Melinc Mlekuž Project duration: 2020–2021 In the 2019/20 school year, SLORI, in collaboration with the Regional Commission for Slovene Schools, conducted a survey on distance learning among teachers, students and parents of children attending kindergartens and Italian schools […]


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