Linee guida per la promozione dell’imprenditoria giovanile: testimonianze di alcuni giovani imprenditori nella provincia di Trieste

Mitja Stefancic

Guidelines for promoting youth entrepreneurship: testimonies of some young entrepreneurs of the Province of Trieste. Trieste: Province, Provincial Committee for social and youth policies, Provincial Committee for active work policies: Confcommercio, Gruppo giovani imprenditori, 2011

This report, as required by the Province of Trieste and by Confcommercio, is prepared as to offer some guidelines to political and economic responsible persons who operate on the territory – local bodies, credit institutes, trade associations, educational institutes – for developing policies for the new enterprises promoted by young people. The objective is to offer concrete answers to the question on how and with which instruments can be young people who want to start up an enterprise supported. The analysis is based on testimonies of 13 young entrepreneurs who operate in the Province of Trieste and have significant experience in their own field.

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