Primary school with Slovene as the language of instruction in Vermegliano/Romjan: a case study

Collaborative research project

Project holder: University of Trieste and SLORI
Principal investigator: Dr Federico Tenca Montini. Person responsible for SLORI: Dr Maja Melinc Mlekuž
Project implementation period: 2019–2021

The University of Trieste and the Slovenian Research Institute (SLORI) are conducting a study on cultural identities and identification processes in the border area between Italy and Slovenia, involving teachers and parents of children attending the Ljubka Šorla Primary School in Romjan/Vermegliano and the Doberdo/Doberdob Primary School. The study investigates the ways in which schooling in the Slovene language influences children’s sense of belonging, self-perception and the perception of their families.

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