Ethnos and topos

Project of the Institute

Project manager: dr. Milan Bufon
Project implementation period: 2016-2018

The aim of the research project “Ethnos and topos”, based on a selection of local cases of the area of Trieste, is to investigate the various aspects concerning the ethnic, social and economic structure of each single settlement within such area. The objective of this sociodemographic research is to understand, starting from the results of the field work, of the interviews with local informers and on cartographic representations obtained from such data, which is currently the detailed ethnic and social structure of the settlements considered in comparison to the data of 1910. With this research, we will obtain for the first time real detailed data on the ethnic and linguistic structure of the traditional areas of settlement of Slovenians in Trieste; at the same time, we will understand the degree of variation of the corresponding social and ethnic structure as a consequence of urbanization processes and of the growing ethnic and social integration between the city and the hinterland, particularly for three differen periods: the current postindustrial era, the period of industrialization after WW2 (about 1965) and the preindustrial period (1910). In the hinterland of Trieste, an analysis will be carried out on the modifications regarding the soil usage in the three different periods.

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