For students

For students

The preservation and development of the Slovenian minority intellectual potential is one of the main institute’s tasks. For this purpose, Slori organises a series of initiatives and services for students:

• Counselling for undergraduate theses on minority and border-area issues
• Opportunity to use the institute's expert and scientific material and the internet connection during the thesis work
• Supporting undergraduate study with competitions for awarding and publishing theses
• Supporting postgraduate study with competitions for co-financing postgraduate education
• Supporting young and prospective researchers with competitions for applied research projects
• Opportunities for traineeships at Slori
• Promoting research activity and knowledge of scientific approaches with research laboratories organised by Slori each year within the European Researchers’ Night, in collaboration with schools


Lectures for rising awareness regarding diversity, historical minorities and migrant groups for mediu (SLO) and second grade medium schools (ITA) and university within the project EDUKA – Educationg for diversity

Within the project EDUKA, in 2013 we carried out 52 informative lectures on historical minority communities (in particular the Slovenian national community and the Friulian community in Italy and the Italian national community in Slovenia) at secondary schools and universities in Slovenia and Italy, 14 laboratories and informative lectures on migrant communities at secondary schools and universities of Friuli Venezia Giulia, 10 intercultural laboratories at first grade secondary schools in Friuli Venezia Giulia and in the Province of Ravenna and 36 laboratories and informative lectures on migrants at primary and medium schools and universities in Slovenia, with the aim to raise awareness on diversity. The above mentioned informative and educational activity of the Institute considers the cultural, ethnical and linguistic diversity of our society and schools. The lectures focus on the Slovenian and Italian space and on the development of an intercultural dialogue between majority, migrant and minority communities. With the laboratories, the Institute wants to contribute to the development of intercultural competences of teachers and pupils/students. After the lectures, the students filled in short questionnaires for evaluating the presentations and verifying the level of knowledge on historical minorities and migrant communities.


Laboratories within the project LEX - Analysis, application and development of  the protection of minorities in Italy and Slovenia

The historical development and the current position of national linguistic minorities in the Italian and Slovenian border area, the basic laws on minorities protection on an international, national and local level, and the diffusion of multicultural values are the main contents of the 18 didactic and informative laboratories organized in 2013 by SLORI in six schools with Slovenian as a teaching language in Trieste and Gorizia and three schools with Italian as a teaching language in Koper, Izola and Piran. The laboratories fell within the activities of the standard project LEX - Analysis, application and development of  the protection of minorities in Italy and Slovenia, co-financed by the Programme for cross-border cooperation Italy-Slovenia 2007-2013. They were dedicated to students of the last two years of minority schools in both countries. The laboratories were conducted by historian Štefan Čok representing the Slovenian national community in Italy and by lawyer Andrea Bartole representing the Italian national community in Slovenia. The intertwining of historical and law contents allows students to deepen knowledge on current laws for protecting both minority communities, as well as to discover the past situations that led to the current one. The work method comprised a mixed use of frontal lectures and interactive approaches which aimed at stimulate active participation of students with practical examples of minority rights application.

For studentsFor studentsFor students
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